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More About Perrin Creek Custom Cowboy Boots

I started making cowboy boots for myself and my family in 2013 while still working at The Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility as technologist designing and building nuclear charged particle detectors and cryogenic targets. My feet are flat and wide so I always had to buy footwear 2 sizes too big to be comfortable. Until I made my first pair of boots I had no idea how comfortable a custom fit could feel. I devoted myself to learn the craft in earnest and in 2015 my wife and I took a course in boot making with renowned boot makers Carl Chappell and Mike Karnes in St. Joe, Texas. At  that point I made a plan to retire and started  building my boot shop with my son Ivan's help when he wasn't busy with grad school. The shop is a timberframe structure that I designed myself using milled wood from 330 logs. Three and a half years later I was retired and making boots again and having a ball. It's a great space to work in and I hope you'll come to experience it for yourself.

The boots are hand stitched using the same vintage machinery used since cowboy boots were made. The techniques  are traditional, time tested  methods taught by cowboy boot makers for at least 100 years. They have yet to be improved!

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